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Facebook | Memo: Conversation with La Toya and Jeffrey Phillips, 29. Nov. 2009

by Katja Veritas on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 9:32am


Someone posted in a German MJ-Fan forum that some German fans got the chance to talk to La Toya and her manager about Michael's death. They posted some kind of memo of this conversation. Unfortunately, just minutes after the post was done, they deleted it on the grounds that they received heavy criticism and threats. The memo was sent to me, I translated it. These are not completely new information, I know. However, I wanted to post this for the sake of completeness.

Memo: Conversation with La Toya and Jeffrey Phillips, 29. Nov. 2009

La Toya was in Germany for a TV appearance to tell something about her deceased brother Michael. This was 28th November 2009.

The next day (29th November 2009) Michael Jackson Fans and La Toya as well as her manager Jeffrey Phillips had an encounter in the hotel in Munich. Jeffrey Phillips worked with Michael for 20 years. He informed us on behalf of La Toya about some facts regarding Michael’s death, since La Toya was not allowed to speak publicly about it.

These facts are indeed partially published in books about Michael or the media. Nevertheless, partially these facts are to date unknown to the public.

We would like to emphasize, that all the information we received are based on a 45-minute conversation with Jeffrey Phillips and partially with La Toya.


1. Facts regarding Michael’s death

2. Development and background regarding Michael’s death

3. More connections to Michael’s death

4. Information about the planned tour and rehearsal of „This is it“

1. Facts regarding Michael’s death

Michael was definitely murdered. The case has been officially ruled a homicide on January 2010.

→ His doctor Conrad M. has been used and exploited (the fall guy) [additional remark: Conrad M is allowed to practice again. He hasn’t been convicted for his acts. This is very unusual for the legal system in the US]

→ Michael Jackson did NOT want Dr. M. to be his doctor[additional remark: his long-time friend James Brown was treated by him and he allegedly died of cardiac arrest]

→ La Toya Jackson, Jeffrey Phillips and one of his brothers were first there at Michael’s home

2. Development and background regarding Michael’s death

→ Michael Jackson was already several hours dead when the emergency call was made [additional remark: the emergency call was made 12:21pm local time]

→ Michael’s oldest son, Prince, was brought to Michael’s room house before the emergency call was made in order to witness that Dr. M. tried to rescue Michael[additional remarks: apparently, Michael was already dead for a couple of hours]

→ Dr. M knew already that Michael was dead at this time

→ Michael was NOT in a coma as the media has generally claimed

→Michael had a minor problem with his liver during this time which didn’t lead to his death, however, it has lead to that the propofol which was injected by Dr M was not broken down in Michael’s body and this was lethal.

→ Dr M should have monitored the effect of propofol, but he wasn’t in Michael’s room all the time. Dr M being a doctor should have known, the effect of propofol on Michael’s body

important: on Michael’s bed was the contract between AEG Live and Dr M which was not signed, Dr M didn’t receive the 150.000,00$ per month he supposed to receive – it should look like as if there was a fight between Michael and Dr M which eventuated in Michael’s murder by Dr M (staged?)

3. More connections to Michael’s death

→ Michael anticipated his death – he left notes in his room with names of those who intended to murder him, of those he was scared of, of those he despised, of those he didn’t work with any more or he didn’t want to work with any more. When La Toya and Jeffrey entered Michael’s house on 25th of June, they saw all those notes which were distributed in the whole house. The notes vanished shortly afterwards. During the conversation with Jeffrey Phillips he mentioned the names Frank D. (who wanted to pay in order to become his manager again), Randy P., John B. And Dr. T. T.

→Michael expressed for quite some time before his death: “they want to kill me”, which was dismissed as not serious

→additionally, Michael’s will was quite likely not signed by himself – La Toya and some media outlets mentioned these concerns as well. Furthermore, it is not up to date any more and was written by someone (his old lawyer Howard Weitzmann??) with whom he has nothing to do with any more for a long time. Jeffrey Phillips emphasized on behalf of La Toya that Michael himself would have never left the content of the will like this [additional remark: Weitzmann is the executor of Michael’s assets after he died]

→ Jeffrey Phillips stressed the importance of the Beatles catalogue in relation to Michael’s death – Michael owned and still owns (his estate now) the rights to the Beatles catalogue: after his death the PS3 game: The Beatles: Rock Band was released

4. Information about the planned tour and rehearsal of „This is it“

¬ According to La Toya there was a very sarcastic relationship between Kenny O and Michael during the rehearsal for “This is it”, which was not based on respect regarding Kenny O [additional remark: e.g. one example from the movie “This is it” in which Michael says: “I do it for Ortega- Or-te-ga"- seems very sarcastic. Michael did everything only for Ortega (indirectly only for AEG) who probably forced him to do so]

→scene in the movie of “Thriller” was shot one day before he died

→ Jeffrey Phillips commented very negatively on the way Michael was treated during the rehearsal. One example is that Michael wore a very warm winter-jacket during the rehearsal, because he suffered ague (chills). Instead of going easy on him, he had to continue working. Jeffrey Phillips: “They treated him like dirt”

→ Michael mentioned quite frequently in phone conversations with La Toya and Jeffrey Phillips that he definitely didn’t want to do 50 concerts and that he was convinced that he wouldn’t be able to endure those, but also, that he didn’t want to disappoint the fans. Even Michael’s daughter knew about that Michael was overworked “They don’t grant him a break” she told La Toya

Two fans had the opportunity to talk to La Toya personally after the conversation with Jeffrey Phillips

La Toya Jackson and Jeffrey Phillips explicitly ask all fans and friends to help to shed light on Michael’s death. This can be done by distributing the content of this memo or to send information about mentioned person via the contact form on La Toya’s webpage. Jeffrey Phillips will forward everything to La Toya.


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Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.
Mary Elizabeth Frye, 1932

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Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle about Michael Jackson

CR: “Let me explain to you what was said to me directly from Michael. Michael and I spoke about that. He said, ‘Cory, when I was a kid, I was denied not only a childhood but I was denied love. When I reached out to hug my father, he didn’t hug me back. When I was scared on an airplane, he didn’t put his arm around me and say Michael, don’t worry. It’s going to be ok. When I was scared to go on stage, he said, ‘Get your ass on this stage.’ Not just him, but every other adult around him.

So he said to me ‘Cory, I will never deny a child love and if it means that I have to be crucified or put in jail for it, then that’s just what they’re gonna have to do.’ When it was time for him to stand trial, the first time he went through it, his advisors told him, ‘Michael, this is not good. Pay this kid off and let’s keep moving.’ Second time he said, ‘You know what? All that did was make me look guilty like I was hiding something. So this time there won’t be any payoffs. I’m going to fight this in court. You’ll see. I’ll be innocent.’


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Michael Jackson - A Fan's Fight for Justice